Concrete pump operation

(1) sand particle size, grade and Mix cement factory specification shall be required to meet the mechanical performance requirements of the pump. Parking brake and locking brake (2) pumping equipment shall be used simultaneously, tires should wedge, Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale in china water supply and water tanks should be properly stocked with water, should be no debris in the hopper, the lubrication points should be lubricated properly. Ministries bolt (3) pumping equipment should be tightened, sealing pipe joints should be tightened, guards should be complete and reliable. (4) operated at the beginning of each part, adjust the handles, hand wheels, levers, cocks, etc. should be in the correct position. Hydraulic system should normally be no leakage. (5) Prepare a good cleaning pipes, cleaning supplies and other related devices. Before the job, you must use the required preparation of cement mortar lubrication line. Non-essential personnel to leave the pipeline. (6) leg should be fully extended and supported the prison, not fixed may not start before the boom. After the boom elevated stand before rotation. When the order boom should extend. Do not use boom lift or drag objects. (7) When the boom is in the fully extended state, non-moving body. When a job needs to be moved, it should be fixed on the segment boom collapsed, moving no faster than 10km / h. Boom may not use more than a predetermined diameter pipe, tube should be attached to the wheel off prevention safety rope system. (8) should be ready to monitor a variety of instruments and indicators, we found not normal, timely adjustment or treatment. In case of duct blockage, the reverse operation of the concrete should return the hopper, when necessary, to exclude demolition tube blockage. (9) under pressure pumping system can not open any pipelines and hydraulic pipes. Valve hydraulic system must not be adjusted. Accumulator filled only ammonia. (10) job, it must be concrete and pipes inside brick mixer machine australia the hopper full output, and then pumps, hoppers, pipe cleaning. When using compressed air flushing pipes, pipe within 10m exit end can not stand in front of people, and applications and other metal basket to collect out of foam rubber and sand grains. (11) Do not use compressed air to flush boom pipe. Fold contraction shall be the order boom. (12) each part of the operation switch, adjust the handles, hand wheels, control sweat, cocks, etc. should be reset. Hydraulic system unloading.


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